Anna Haldewang graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Industrial Design. In a foundations course, Anna received an assignment to, “Create a self-sufficient object that stimulates the growth of plants.” Researching the basic needs of plants she came across pollination. After watching multiple documentaries and reading articles on the many issues bees face today, she wanted to create a product that brings awareness to this issue. At the end of the assignment Anna presented an autonomous pollinating drone designed for backyards as an educational tool. 

After the class finished Anna continued to research and develop Plan Bee. She discovered the difficulties bees face in the pollination industry. As bees travel throughout the nation they pick up diseases that are passed on from hive to hive. This spreads across the country weakening and destroying many colonies.  Anna has set out to create a product that allows us to not rely so heavily on bees. By doing so, we keep bees from a monoculture diet and prevent them from diseases. Thus conserving the Earth’s living insects.